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0 and later releases, to create GPL-licensed free/open source applications using Qt on all supported platforms.. It is now possible to use any SocketCAN compatible device under LINUX There may, however, be some loss of some functionality as some functions of SavvyCAN are designed for use directly with the EVTVDue and CANDue 2.

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It can load and save in several formats: • BusMaster log file • Microchip log file • CRTD format (OVMS log file format from Mark Webb-Johnson) • GVRET native format • Generic CSV file (ID,D0 D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7) • Vector Trace files • IXXAT Minilog files • CAN-DO Logs • Vehicle Spy log files • CANDump / Kayak (Read only) • PCAN Viewer (Read Only) Dependencies Now this code does not depend on anything other than what is in the source tree or available from the Qt installer.. Uses QCustomPlot available at: However, this source code is integrated into the source for SavvyCAN and one isn't required to download it separately.. This tool is designed to help with visualization, reverse engineering, debugging, and capturing of canbus frames.

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Has anyone used similar tools or frameworks? Qt-Based Software Downloads Qt is a cross-platform framework, widely used for creating GUI (graphical user interface) applications.. Rapid testing Qt Test needs no special test-runners; no special registration for tests.. Basic GUI testing Qt Test offers functionality for mouse and keyboard simulation.. Qt-based Multimedia Player is an audio-player, written with help of Qt library The user interface is similar to winamp or xmms.. 0 boards It should, however, be noted that use of a capture device is not required to make use of this program. Dexter The Game Jaworski Website

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It is extremely popular with app developers and lies at the core of much well-known software.

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The user can also chose other Qt 4 supported the same set of platforms in the free software/open source editions as in the proprietary edition, so it is possible, with Qt 4.. Self-contained Qt Test requires only a few symbols from the Qt Core module for non-gui testing.. Failed to load latest commit information README md SavvyCAN Qt based cross platform canbus tool (C) 2015-2017 EVTV and Collin Kidder A Qt5 based cross platform tool which can be used to load, save, and capture canbus frames.. Really requires at a resolution of at least 1024x768 Fully multi-monitor capable.. Has anymore use some sort of GUI Testing Tool to test his Qt Application (Windows/Linux) An example would be Squish, but its a bit expensive for us.. You are highly recommended to use the The CANDue board must be running the GVRET firmware which can also be found within the collin80 repos.. This project requires 5 8 0 or higher because of a dependency on QSerialBus Instructions for compiling: (You need 5.. Data-driven testing A test can be executed multiple times with different test data. e828bfe731